Here be Splodge. Now I'd like to believe I acquired that particular moniker on account of the obvious rhyme with my surname, and not as a reference to my physique at the time, but I suspect that may be wishful thinking. Such a charming lot, my mates—it's just as well I have a sense of humour...

I create software for a living, and consider myself hugely fortunate to actually enjoy my job. So much so, that even when I'm not in work, I'll find the occasional geek project to keep myself amused. The more useful of these have included:

But it's not all geekery; when I'm feeling active, I'll play badminton, swim, or just head to the gym. If the weather's fine, I'll head out for a blast on my mo'bike, often with wife Kirsty in tow, and perhaps even with the tent and some basic supplies for a few days' camping. I've played guitar since my schooldays, and currently collaborate with buddy Magnox in rock duo Ignorant Bliss.

I'm really very well-adjusted. Honestly. But this is the web, so I'm compelled to include the obligatory self-infatuated rants and whimsical observations, blurry photographs of my dog's nose, and hilarious anecdotes about people you've probably never met.

  1. Yes, it is a tad nepotistic

last updated 2007-10-14