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Slim Devices : Squeezebox : WiFi for your HiFi!/Personal/Wish List/Gadgets/
Apple - Mac mini/Personal/Wish List/Gadgets/
Amazon.co.uk: Books: Designing with Web Standards/Personal/Wish List/Cultural Deficit/Software/
Amazon.co.uk: Books: The Design of Sites: Principles, Processes and Patterns for Crafting a Customer-centered Web Experience/Personal/Wish List/Cultural Deficit/Software/
Zatoichi [2004]/Personal/Wish List/Cultural Deficit/Martial Arts Movies/
Azumi [2003]/Personal/Wish List/Cultural Deficit/Martial Arts Movies/
What's Wrong With Use Cases?/Software/Design/
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01/Software/User Interfaces/Cool Web Interfaces/
Social Interface Design/Software/Social Software/
Security Configuration Guide for Apple Mac OS X (pdf)/Stuff/Security/
Content is Not King/Stuff/Structures/
The Right to Read - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)/Society & Humanity/Freedom of Information/
Isaiah Berlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/Society & Humanity/
The Political Compass/Society & Humanity/
To EJB, or not to EJB?/Enterprise Java/
Freedom to Tinker/
Transcription of Edward Felten's Rip, Mix, Burn, Sue lecture/
WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language //
10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time / by Jonathan J. Harris/
What's Wrong With Copy Protection/
Welcome to Filmhouse/
Music Sales in the Age of File Sharing/Music Industry/


Slim Devices Community/Personal/Wish List/Gadgets/
Java for Enterprise Systems Development (Part 1)/Software/Programming Languages/Java/
On SO Analysis/Software/SOA/
Content is Not King/Stuff/Structures/
mysterious occurences on the interface of physics and number theory/Maths & Science/Maths + Physics/
Newsmap (Google cache)/Data Presentation/Treemaps/


The Scrum Alliance/Software/Agile/Processes/
The Scrum Alliance/Software/Agile/
Joel : Social Interface Design/Software/Usability/
Joel on Software - It's Not Just Usability/Software/Social Software/
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy/Software/Social Software/
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy/Stuff/Structures/
Shirky: Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality/Software/Social Software/
Shirky: Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality/Stuff/Structures/
Ignorant Bliss/Personal/
LaoTze - TaoDeJing/Personal/Beliefs/Eastern Thought/
LaoTze - TaoDeJing/Stuff/Oriental/
Cellular automata and music/Stuff/Music/Music and Information/
Cellular automata and music/Dynamical Systems/Cellular Automata/
Mob Software/Stuff/Structures/
Mob Software/Software stuff/