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Fiftieth birthdays are special occasions, so when Jim's came along, we organised an adrenalin-pumping, thrill-packed morning at the Knockhill racing circuit to hurl around the track in a real, live racing car! This is the story of that day; credit must go to Broon for the inspiration for the web-photostory format.

Anticipation builds, and the toilet queue lengthens accordingly. Jim's the one on the left.

First up is a smart wee MG-TF; Jim helps himself while no-one's looking.

Just kidding, there's an instructor in there too. Off they go...

...for a wee burl around the circuit.

Soon they're onto the single-seater, and a quick introduction to the car.

"Blah, blah ... and this one's the brake."
"Uh, what will I be needing that for?"

Safely strapped in, and a last chance to explain the rules.

"Remember to slow down for the corners, Mr McWhirter..."

Neeeeeeow! As he gets to grips with circuit his lap times get quicker and quicker.

Doesn't wave at his fans though :o(

But wait! What's happening? I... I don't believe it, he's slowing down and, yes, he's been forced to retire from the race with mechanical problems!

Just look at the disappointment on that man's face.

"Mutter, grumble. Wasn't me, must've been broken before I got in. Harumph >o("

Never fear, like all top racers Jim has a spare car handy. He's back on the circuit in no time.

Still no wave :o(

It doesn't take him long to find the thick of the action once again. The field is getting pretty crowded, and the spectators are holding their breath!

Just pesky number 12 to beat now, and Jim's found the slipstream...

Alas, all too soon the chequered flag appears and it's time to return the car.

"Aw please mister, just one more lap?"

Well, it seems that all the excitement has proved too much for Jim. If you listen closely, you can still hear the roar of the engines in that dream...

All in all, he did extremely well, and was ranked third (of 30-ish) by the panel of instructors. Nice one Jim, you did us proud!

last updated: 2003-07-26